Friday: Henrietta wondering about Barry, bulking up on protein!mm

So here’s a little update from Duchesne House this Friday morning. I’m hoping Henrietta’s protein boost of meal worms will strengthen her grip when she climbs up the tree to weather the storm. Enjoy and thank you for the positive thoughts and prayers!

FRIDAY July 12

We didn’t get the rain we expected last night. We know the rain will be heavy and that flooding is not only likely but assured. I went last night with a friend looking for sand bags and both Home Depot and Lowe’s we’re out. The city has not made any sand bags available in our Parish (Orleans). Seems strange that none are available when everything is saying we’re going to flood here in New Orleans with the Mississippi River due to rise to 19′ just 1 foot below flood stage. Doesn’t seem to allow for the imminent storm surge and heavy rainfall. Our 118 active pumps can handle 1 inch of rain the FIRST hour and 1/2 an inch every hour after not to make sand bags available yesterday when it was a perfect day to get these set in vulnerable areas. Seems like a misstep to me. But then this is my take as a new-ish resident having helped folks deal with flooding last Wednesday. We have worked with the aftermath of Katrina and have done so for the last 13 years and are very sensitive to the human impact of flooding. (Sorry, having trouble uploading the Henrietta video- will keep working)

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