Thursday: being present to stories

Today we visited with Mr. Robert Green a resident of the Lower Ninth Ward, blocks from where a barge broke through the Industrial canal levee. He opened his home and his heart to us, sharing the hope he’s found after having his house swept away and watching his mother and his granddaughter lose their lives before getting rescued. We walked to the site where their house crashed into an oak tree. The tree bears a painting of a representation of that harrowing moment.

From there we visited the Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum and learned more about this forgotten neighborhood where Mr. Green says he wants to have more neighbors. The Living Museum is also home to the Leona Tate Foundation. Ms. Tate (along with Ruby Bridges) was one of the early children to suffer the brunt of the desegregation of schools in New Orleans.

It was awe inspiring to be in the presence of two amazingly courageous individuals who suffered so much and have lived their lives making the world a better place.

We returned to Duchesne House for a discussion and to continue our work on Race by watching Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity and then had our last meal together at the world famous Parkway Bakery for po’boys.

And we ended our day with the he girls exchanging their school gifts and our Closing Ceremony where they shared what light they’ll be taking back:

We say goodbye tomorrow morning and send our young leaders home with hearts stretched and a charge to not just share the information they learned but to inspire the transformation that our Sacred Heart education calls for. “Now that you know.”

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