History is the Glue

A recap of the first part of the day by Mary, Maria and Bianca:

At dinner we were joined by Rev. Dr. Denise Graves who walked us through a debrief of Sunday’s visit to the Whitney Plantation, speaking to the systems involved in the institution of slavery. These conversations are deep and powerful and we always close with a song to lift our spirits and bring us together as a family. Here’s our song:

Mama Denise made me look at things in a new perspective. She made me realize there are multiple perspectives to look at in every story that are important. She helped me understand the weight of the lives lost throughout centuries of slavery and we talked about the humanity of each individual and the importance of seeing those killed as individuals, rather than a group, which inherently dehumanizes them. Mama Denise also listened to what everyone said and genuinely wanted to know what our story or opinion was. I love all the passion I saw in her and how wise she is. She is a very wise talented woman, she speaks multiple languages which is very impressive. I aspire to be as loving, confident, and intelligent as she is.

– Bianca

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