Thenstead Center, Grand Coteau

Today we worked with younger children. We played games with them and helped them with an art project. The kids were so happy and really made us all laugh and smile. I really enjoyed this and would definitely go back again. I’m glad I could help put a smile on the kids faces because it made me feel good about what I was doing. I am very grateful for what I have and I’m glad I can help the children have a good day.


We had a chance to work with children from Thenstead, which is in the lowest income neighborhood in the state of Louisiana. It was eye opening to see all the employees and managers of the school could do on such a small budget, and it was gratifying to see all the happy children have fun without complaining about anything. I am very grateful to be able to work with them and provide any help I could.


Today was an early morning, we woke up at 5am to go to Thenstead Camp in Grand Coteau. The children were adorable and very sweet. We were all technically camp counselors for the day, I had the opportunity of meeting a little boy named Tate also known as tatertot. I enjoyed seeing how much effort the adults were putting into the camp to make it the best experience for the children. Everyone was patient and loving, it was like a family. It was obvious they wanted what was best for the children. Next time I visit New Orleans I will definitely love to go back and visit.

– Bianca

Today we woke up around 5 and drove about 2 and 1/2 hours to Thenstead Center for their camp. We played board games with the kids, did Just Dance on the wii, an arts and crafts project and helped some of them with writing and math. The kids were ranging from 5-12 years old. The kids were laughing all the time and always had a smile on their faces. They kept asking us when they were going to see us again and it was so sad to say not for a while. When we were doing our arts and crafts they included yarn so I wrapped a piece of the yarn around my wrist. As soon as I did that all of the kids asked me to give them bracelets too so we all ended up with about 4 braclets. Then they had the idea of me to handcuff them with yarn and they showed me how strong they were and flexed there muscles for me. We saw a Sacred Heart school in the area and it was interesting to compare it to our school. For dinner we stopped at a truck stop and had really good food.


We left the Duchesne House today at 5:30am to drive to Grand Coteau. The Thensted Center we will be visiting is located in the St. Landry Parish. One of the poorest areas in Louisiana. Our Sacred Heart school is also located down the road. The children greet us with such joy. They are safe, engaged in all kinds of activities and loved by all of the staff. The day at the center went by so fast. It was hard to say goodbye. We decided we could all pitch in and do our part to help in some other way. They could really use funding. We got back in the car and traveled up the road around the corner from the sheep farm. There she stood: Grand Academy of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau. Lots of southern charm. The building and grounds are beautiful. Tall oak trees out front where the traditional graduation takes place. We walked the halls where a miracle took place and all of the RSCJ that helped educate so many students. The newly restored museum is amazing. Dinner at the King truck stop. I know that was a first for me.

-Colleen (Mrs. T)

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